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Free Libra Coin giveaways will be in the first half of 2021. How to get free Diem Coin? Follow a few simple steps and earn free Libra coin today. Facebook reveals its digital coin called Libra and supported by top companies ranging from Visa and Mastercard to Lyft and Spotify to become the world’s largest social network that transforms financial services into another level. This will be the network’s new cryptocurrency which will let you buy things or send money to people with nearly zero fees. Get your free Libra coins bonus today.

Official Libra site:

Under this new cryptocurrency, Facebook is building a new digital wallet called Novi that can be use directly in your WhatsApp and Messenger apps to make it easier for its network users to send and receive money easily as you message friends, family, and businesses. That could open the door for Facebook to expand into payments and commerce solutions. Novi is designed for Libra cryptocurrency where you can also store your money in Novi wallet and use it to pay for daily exchange, like buying your friend a coffee, paying for groceries, taking public transportation and more.

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